About Us

PREOHS is a division of Premergency Inc. for the purposes of servicing the Occupational Health and Safety needs of industry. It was built upon on the original roots of preventing and preparing for emergencies. PREOHS was created to service specific client need for Occupational Health & Safety training, consulting and emergency equipment. Founded by Dean DiMonte and directed by Jessica Lund who identified gaps in industries that needed health and safety expertise. Jessica leads a team of experienced individuals from various health and safety occupations to service the following industries:

  • Dental
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Small, medium and large sized business

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Dean DiMonte

President of Premergency Inc.

For over 20 years prior to Premergency, Dean worked as an Advanced Care Paramedic in Ontario. Being a paramedic has high demand for patient care success, and therefore requires ongoing training. As a demand for training grew, Dean began developing both in-class and distance education programs for the emergency services sector. By using his experience and training pedigree, he began to expand services into all sectors of business.  Dean has always had a passion for helping people and for life-long learning. These two values grew to be the foundation of Premergency today.  PREOHS.com was built upon the Premergency foundation and specifically addresses the Occupational Health and Safety needs of industry. 


Jessica Lund

Director of PREOHS.com – Occupational Health and Safety

Jessica’s journey into the health sciences began via the dental profession after earning a Health Office Administration and Level 2 Dental Assistant designation in 1995.

In 2010, she became a member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE). Establishing herself as a Certified Health & Safety Consultant (CHSC), her career path has offered the exceptional opportunity to work internationally as a motivational speaker and subject matter expert for emergency training programs and occupational health and safety compliance. (on various policy, procedures creation and implementation for)

Jessica has facilitated numerous training programs for all levels of First Aid and CPR, AED and Oxygen Airway Management Certification. She is proud to have served the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Valley since 1998.  Jessica continues to evolve professionally at Premergency Inc, as their Occupational Health & Safety Director/First Aid Director for emergency response programs for the community.

As a businesswoman, health care professional and health and safety consultant she appreciates the challenges to balance compliance, compassion and commerce for governmental, the public and professional standards.