Training Simulation


Simulate BLS and ALS CPR, practicing the motor skills needed for optimal chest compressions and ventilations with real-time, visual feedback.

PREOHS uses the SmartMan CPR Training Manikin for training. The SmartMan manikin is one of the most effective tools for improving the quality of CPR. By developing muscle memory of correct performance, it increases the quality of CPR performed by providing real-time, visual feedback, as recommended by the 2015 AHA Guidelines.

Designed for health care professionals, the SmartMan ALS Pro enables simulation of BLS and ALS CPR to practice the motor skills needed to achieve optimal chest compressions and ventilations. Advanced airway placement practice is made possible with the inclusion of a high fidelity airway and visible vocal cords.


SmartMan is designed to achieve high performance CPR. It provides rugged manikins able to take continued pounding yet retain accuracy.

Accuracy. SmartMan training products are scientific instruments that provide accurate measurement of all parameters which relate to CPR performance. Tolerances are well beyond what a person is able to perceive.

Threshold. The words Quality CPR do not have meaning until they are defined and able to be objectively measured. SmartMan provides the accuracy required and reliable measurement so that the threshold of performance indicated in the science can be met.

Verifiable. An activity will give a score on how well a skill is performed. You also have immediate access to an analysis where the performance parameters are put into a chart. And if you want, the data points for each performance is available immediately.

Educational Metric. Objective evidence based evaluation of skills performance is essential to developing a body of people who are able to perform correctly. SmartMan gives individuals and trainers a way to establish the proper objective evaluation of skills.

Competence means being able to perform required skills at a required level.

Practice. To be competent an individual must be trained and they must be trained to perform correctly to within the specified parameters. With proper practice the skill can be developed as muscle memory so that the correct performance becomes automatic.

Test yourself. The individual who performs must know whether he or she is performing correctly. And if they need to adjust their performance they should be able to do it immediately.

Meaningful Refresher. This should be able to be done in a couple of minutes. Once a person already knows how to perform well, the skills which are not often performed simply need to be topped up. There are two aspects to this: i) they should be able to do this in a couple of minutes: ii) if an adjustment needs to be done it can be done on the fly immediately; once the person is certain they have adjusted their performance, they develop confidence based on knowledge that they are capable of performing well.

Objective Demonstration. In order for a student and for a trainer to know that a person is able to perform, both must have an accurate objective way to assess performance. SmartMan provides both with such a tool.